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A variety of traits, colors, backgrounds, and accessories allows for 10,000 possible combinations of amazing and giddy characters.

The Designer

@alexbanaga Alex Banaga Alex is the artist behind Giddys. He’s the founder & CEO of Eatcaviar, has led design work for YCombinator, Pinterest, Yelp and over 100+ various startups. Alex is obsessed with beautiful design, abstract art and anything related to the NFT space.

Roadmap 1.0


P h a s e - 1

The Giddy’s Website and community Launches Website to learn about the project. Discord to interact with our team and fellow community members. Twitter to stay up to date with our project.

Coming Soon

P h a s e - 2

Partnerships and Growth We’ll be working with some of your favorite artists and organizations on collaborations and partnerships.

Coming Soon

P h a s e - 3

Launch on Ethereum, Mint & Reveal The Giddys get released to their owners and happily find their way home.

Coming Soon

P h a s e - 4

Serve the Web 3 Community This is where the real fun begins. We have amazing things planned and will be releasing Roadmap 2.0 post launch.


  • What is the goal of the project?

    Our mission is to bring quality to the Web 3 space. We’re a team of experienced builders that have successfully launched and managed multiple products within the space.


    We embark on this journey to the metaverse with The Giddies to not only uplift our own community of holders but the overall community of Web 3 participants the same way many other projects that inspired us have.

  • What can we initially expect?

    No overly ambitious roadmap before launch.

    No promised game.

    No whitepaper ponzinomics.

  • What happens after launch?

    We’re going to adapt and grow with the space in an impactful way and are excited for you to join us on our journey.